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Rose Hill Home


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Rose Hill Home L.L.C.
15808 Sandridge Road
Long Beach, WA 98631
Phone/Cell 360-783-2004
Fax 360-642-8701
Location of Home
614 Rose Hill Lane
Glasgow, VA [official mailing address]
Actual location is 6 minutes south of Lexington,VA located off of Highway Rt. 11.
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Rose Hill Family Home


Rose Hill home is an historical landmark in Rockbridge County, VA being one of the “Seven Hill Homes” and it is our family’s 2nd home. It has been extensively remodeled and updated combining the old with the new and contains family memorabilia and furnishings. We are offering it on a limited basis as a vacation rental to those who wish to enjoy it responsibly. It and many of its contents are irreplaceable and we expect any potential renters of the home to respect it and its contents while visiting.


The access drive is 1.1 mile long, over a grade and is gravel. The access bridge off of Rt 11 has been upgraded and is safe. The drive to the home takes approximately 7 minutes and one must watch out for, avoid and sometimes wait for residents of the fields – the cows and their calves- to remove themselves from the roadway where they sometimes lounge. It is not unusual to observe turkey or deer on the way in or out.  On the downhill slope to the home there are “swales” engineered into the road to divert the water run off away from the roadbed and you will need to learn to approach some of them slowly on the angle depending on your vehicle’s clearance.


We assume that some will want to rent the home on a “college weekend” for the various activities and sporting events at the area’s Universities and Colleges. Necessarily we can predict that a person renting the home will want to use it while they are there to entertain family and friends, or combination thereof and that it is fine so long as it is done responsibly. The renter of course will assume full responsibility for all such activities and will be responsible for adult socialization, for all present, including cleaning and trash removal. Our manager will closely monitor social activities beyond mere occupancy of the home and her decisions are to be respected by the renter without question. By renting our home we do not intend to subject it to damage or loss. Any large social function requires our prior written or email approval.


The home is situated on a 370-acre farm that is leased to a local farming operator. The access road to the home wanders through this operation. The operation consists of a 50-head cow and calf operation, which usually means there are about 100 head of cattle that graze the fields along with 2 resident bulls. Although the cows, calves and bulls are generally docile, they are all large animals and when one ventures out among them a person always wants to be aware if they are in the area where you are. They are not tame and may for reasons only known to themselves become overly curious or aggressive. The bulls (you can pick them out) should be respected and watched to an even greater degree. It is safest to not be in an area where the cows and bulls are and should you be in an area where they are you are on your own and will assume and accept total risk for that activity. The farmers will come in and out periodically checking on the herd or feeding and that is an expected activity at Rose Hill.


The home is fenced off so that no cattle need to be dealt with by the renters except for observing them and occasionally hearing their moos. Should the renter or any of their guests venture outside of the protected-fenced area surrounding the home, it is expressly understood that you or they do so at their own risk. This is a working farm and the fields, woods and hills are full of unexpected dangers. There are hidden holes and ground hog holes in the fields one can fall into.  In the woods branches and trees can fall. You will be required as part of this rental to sign a “Hold Harmless and Indemnity Agreement” concerning any walking, hiking, or other activities that you might engage in outside of the fenced area around the house.


It goes without saying that you are not permitted to interfere with the farming operations in any way. No hunting or shooting of any kind is allowed. The two stock watering ponds located on the farm are restricted areas and you or your guests are not allowed to use them or get near them for any purpose without our written approval.


This is a unique property and we wish to share it with others. It will not appeal to all. By renting it we expect it to be treated by our guests as we would treat it ourselves. We will look forward to getting to know our renters and hope for those who fall in love with the home, as we have, that we will see you again.